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XCS Designs comprises a dedicated and forward-thinking team of design, development and production engineers who have worked together for well over 20 years and been responsible for bringing a great number of well-known and highly acclaimed products to the marketplace.

The XCS 427 is the team's first own-brand product and is a technologically-advanced, 630 bhp, full-spaceframe evolution of probably the most charismatic and sought-after roadsters of all time.

Since its launch in September 2013, the XCS 427 has rapidly established itself as one of the most capable and exploitable performance cars around. An accolade achieved without the assistance of any electronic gizmos.

Perhaps central to the car's success has been its use of the patented 'Camber Compensation & Anti-Roll' suspension system at both front and rear (see animation below). A first for any production car.

Its remarkable levels of grip, predictability and ride quality have never failed to impress and have played a major role in securing the XCS a succession of truly outstanding reviews.

A collection of quotes and video links is provided on our 'Digest' page but here are just some of the comments made by the motoring journalists:-

"Imagine a TVR with the agility of a Lotus and you'll be some way to understanding how it behaves.  There must be a limit somewhere, and the car is so dynamically progressive that it actively encourages you to go in search of it.  This is an utterly serious performance car in its own right" (Adam Wilkins)

"The XCS has the ability to change direction, and corner, like a Lotus Seven and that takes a time to compute.  The ride quality is eye-opening and just as smooth as my Audi, while those brakes are unlike anything else" (Steve Hole)

"At one point we both looked at each other in amazement after leaving a roundabout where Gary tried his best to provoke the rear end by flooring the throttle long before he had exited.  The rear tyres squealed and complained, the boost gauge flicked up to maximum, but at no point did we fear we would be sliding sideways and destroying the Halibrands on the kerb edge.” (Rob Hawkins)

For a full specification and more pictures of the new car, please see our dedicated XCS 427 pages.



The patented CC&AR system is uniquely able to optimise the all-important contact between tyre and road and so maximise grip, composure and predictability - while at the same time providing an exemplary ride!

How this is achieved and how the footprint provided by CC&AR compares to that of a conventional double-wishbone suspension system is shown in the accompanying animation.

More information about the system and its other technical benefits (including its ability to reduce roll without incurring jacking - or indeed the need for anti-roll bars) is included in our CC&AR pages.