We were privileged to get to know and work alongside John Tojeiro (designer of the original AC Ace) during his time as technical director of DJ Sportscars.

John was not only a gifted automotive engineer but also a warm and immensely likeable, quintessential country gentleman and is still sadly missed. His passion for mechanical engineering and fast cars was limitless and we always looked forward to his traditional first drive whenever we produced a new model or derivative.

The enduring appeal of his original sports racing car design gave John enormous pleasure and, as a true engineer, he was always eager to see it evolve and improve through continued technological advance.

The new XCS 427 is the culmination of decades (even generations) of knowledge & experience and takes the marque firmly into the 21st century.

Its dynamic capabilities set new standards with superb roadholding & handling, a totally compliant roll-free ride, impeccable straight-line stability and exceptional levels of grip. And all is enjoyed from a well-tailored, full-leather interior, customized for optimum driver comfort and control.

The new XCS 427 is a truly remarkable and groundbreaking car that seamlessly combines the best of old & new - and it's one that we know John would have relished driving!




At the heart of the XCS 427 is an immensely stiff, light-weight, round-tube chassis that proved to be so aesthetically pleasing that it was decided to feature it as a visual identifier within the car.

But there's certainly a lot more to a chassis than its appearance.   The chassis design also sets the parameters for virtually every other aspect of the vehicle from quality perception and interior space to safety and performance.

Manufactured from high-strength, low-carbon, cold-drawn seamless steel tube to spec EN 10305-1 / BS 6323 Part 4 1982 CFS3 BK, the chassis of the XCS 427 is comprehensively triangulated throughout and provides the ideal ultra-rigid operating platform for the car’s patented front & rear CC&AR suspension systems.

The engine has been sited well back in the frame for optimum weight distribution and the engine bay made generous - even permitting the use big blocks - without compromise to rigidity.

The space provided for the driver and passenger is exceptional (see under 'Interior' below for details) and luggage space is ample.

Safety has been a major consideration throughout the design (see  below under 'Safety') while the practical issue of assembly has also been addressed with provision for the body and internals to be dropped over as one.

The patented Camber Compensation & Anti-Roll suspension system is used at both front and rear for greater grip, reduced roll and a supple ride. And new for the XCS, is the introduction of a purpose-designed billet aluminium upright to provide the ultimate no-compromise CC&AR geometry.

Performance lightweight gas-filled coil-overs, fully adjustable for ride height and bump / rebound.

Bespoke, heavy-duty Quaife steering rack (3.1 turns lock-to-lock).
Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) with driver's control for steering-effort adjustment.

Hydratrak BTR M80 viscous-coupled LSD differential unit.

• 12.75” diameter, ventilated discs at both front & rear with HiSpec Monster 4 calipers (front) and HiSpec Billet 4 calipers (rear), integral handbrake mechanism.
• Balance-bar braking system for optimum allocation of front/rear braking effort regardless of engine choice and weight.
• Remote twin servos.
• Position-adjustable pedal box (with simple one-handed operation) for optimum driver comfort regardless of leg length.
• Drop-to-the-floor handbrake control.

The normal choice of engine for an XCS 427 would be one of the all-aluminium Chevrolet LS units but the Fusion chassis will also accept a wide range of other V8 power units, including Ford and Chevrolet big blocks.

Rubber-mounted, high-efficiency aluminium radiator.

5-speed Tremec TKO500/600 box (ally casing & extension housing). Aluminium Repower bell housing with billet clutch slave cylinder.




• Full-height & full-width chassis design for improved protection.

• Crumple zones incorporated to front & rear.

• Structurally integrated, braced, 2" diameter, driver and passenger roll hoops.

• XCS high-back seats for whiplash protection.

Full-harness seat belt anchorages as standard.

Safety collapsible steering column.

Offset upper and lower steering shaft UJs.

Top-quality safety steering wheel with collapsible boss.

• Fuel tank sited to front of boot for greater rear-end impact protection (and improved polar moment of inertia) without loss of boot space.

Optimised braking system (see under 'Brakes' above).

CC&AR suspension, front & rear, for greater grip and improved driver control.





Bespoke Halibrand-design, 3-piece, polished aluminium wheels complete with spinners from Image – 18”/19" hybrid fronts and 19” rears.

XCS handmade, stainless-steel, twin side-pipe exhausts with 4-into-1 collector assemblies. New light-gauge, 6” diameter, dome-ended side-pipe assemblies providing VOSA dB approved, free-flow, absorption silencing.

XCS slim-stem, stainless steel, screen-mounted, exterior mirrors.

XCS curved-blade, polished aluminium side vents.

XCS 2" diameter, stainless steel, braced roll hoops.

Twin, low-profile Aston-style, fuel tank filler caps.

XCS polished aluminium, concealed boot hinges.

XCS 2" diameter, stainless steel roll hoops.

Nose-mounted aerofoil splitter.

Stainless steel meshed brake ducts and chin scoop.

Chromed lockable bonnet and boot handles.

Lockable fuel fillers.




• An exceptionally spacious 'open-feel' interior.  The XCS 427 has longer & wider footwells and a lower seating position making it possible to accommodate an unusually broad spectrum of drivers and passengers with heights of up to 6’ 5” and even beyond!

• Comfort for all.  A generous range of seat adjustment and the addition of an adjustable pedal box (with simple one-handed operation) ensure that the XCS 427 accommodates virtually all shapes and sizes in complete comfort.

• Luxurious full-leather interior with contrasting double-stitch paneling throughout.

• Featured exoskeleton round-tube chassis.

• Bespoke, leather-covered, XCS high-back seats for greater comfort and safety.

• New XCS, leather-covered, contoured dash with comprehensive electronic instrumentation, switchgear and LED warning lights.

• Steering effort control for driver.

• Elasticated ruched leather door pockets for knickknack storage.

• Leather-lined glove compartment.

• High-output heater/demister system.

• Drop-to-the-floor handbrake for ease of entry.