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MTO #01

Why did you decide to build a kit? I had built a kit car 20 years ago and wanted to do so again. I was thinking ahead to having more spare time and having something worthwhile to spend time that I was interested in and that also kept me learning and active. I do like […]

Is a Cobra Kit Car Right For Me?

Passion-Driven Project Building a kit car demands passion and dedication. It’s not just assembling parts; it’s a hands-on journey where your love for cars takes centre stage. Time and Patience  Kit car assembly isn’t a race. It’s a meticulous process that demands time and patience. Be prepared for the rewarding challenge of creating your personalised […]

Buying a Cobra replica

Getting Started Deciding how you intend to enjoy your cobra replica defines what will work best for you. Are you looking for a true expression of the classic, a modern adaptation, or something race-ready? Do you want a project, or to get it on the road ASAP? Defining why you want a cobra will help […]