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The XCS Dieci is our lightweight Seven-style sports car. It represents the culmination of decades of experience in bespoke sports car creation, being a thoroughly modern machine that is meticulously engineered and hand-built to carve the perfect line on road or track.

The super-strong space frame chassis is designed to accommodate almost any motor vehicle powertrain, from proven motorcycle units (Suzuki Hayabusa in the accompanying images) to new Ford crate engines. Each customer has the luxury of being able to specify the drivetrain of their choice, and our chassis team is happy to talk through the possibilities. But it is the application of our patented cross-coupled suspension design that endows the Dieci with class-leading handling and compliance, resulting in a car that cossets and communicates in equal measure.


Super-responsive motorcycle powertrain delivers 4.4 sec acceleration and 120mph top speed


Semi-forged alloy wheels reduce unsprung weight to improve suspension performance


Front midship-mounted 197bhp Suzuki Hayabusa four-cylinder motorcycle engine


Dual fixed-position ergonomic composite bucket seats with Willans race harnesses


Our patented cross-coupled front suspension system paired with proven De Dion rear beam


Wilwood four-piston front brake calipers with vented discs provide ample stopping power


There are no restrictions when it comes to the choice of body colour or surface finish


High-quality bearings provide support for high-quality Gaz coilover suspension system


Crumple zones and a safety structure extending to the vehicle’s full height and width


High-quality, well-proven components require only regular scheduled maintenance

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