This durable and reliable foundation sets the stage for an authentic Cobra replica that embodies the soul of the original. Featuring a robust construction, our box section chassis ensures exceptional handling and performance, making it the perfect choice for enthusiasts seeking a classic Cobra experience.

The box section design of our chassis is renowned for its strength and rigidity, providing the backbone for a truly superior Cobra replica. These rectangular tubes or plates are welded or bolted together to form a solid structure that can withstand the rigorous demands of high-speed driving.

Our comprehensive kit includes all the essential components for a successful build, empowering both experienced and novice mechanics to embark on this thrilling project.

The box section chassis is available with two suspension options, the standard double A arm setup and the optional camber compensation system.

The standard double A arm suspension is an independent suspension system that allows each wheel to act independently from the other, providing exceptional handling and stability. The suspension arms and hubs are all made in-house, ensuring quality and precision. This setup is perfect for a standard street-legal Cobra.

The optional camber compensation system is designed for high-performance road and track cars. This system utilises cross-links to position the cranked upper wishbone mounts, effectively preventing camber change under various driving conditions. In bump, the CC&AR system pushes the upper wishbones outwards, while in roll or cornering, it moves both wishbones towards the inside of the curve to keep the wheels vertical. In droop, the system pulls the wishbones inwards, preventing camber change. This option ensures optimal handling and performance even under extreme conditions.


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