The XCS Cobra Clubsport Kit, a meticulously crafted package designed to unleash the true potential of the iconic Cobra legend. This comprehensive kit elevates the Cobra experience to new heights, transforming it into a track-ready masterpiece that will set your pulse racing.

At the heart of this kit lies our meticulously engineered round tube chassis, constructed from FIA-approved, high-strength, carbon-based cold-drawn seamless steel. This cutting-edge chassis not only delivers unparalleled strength and rigidity but also incorporates an MSA-approved safety cage, ensuring the ultimate in driver protection.

The Clubsport Kit boasts a host of advanced features that empower drivers to take their Cobra experience to the next level. Our patented cross-coupled suspension system, front and rear, ensures exceptional handling and stability, even under the most demanding conditions. Fully adjustable Nitron R3 coilover dampers with remote reservoirs provide unparalleled adjustability, allowing you to fine-tune the suspension to suit your driving style and preferences.

Powering the Clubsport Kit is a formidable 6.3-litre all-alloy Rodeck block based on GM Chevrolet V8, delivering a ferocious 580bhp. This race-bred engine is equipped with a cross-bolted bottom-end, stroked crankshaft, Oliver Racing connecting rods, high-flow race heads, and an Edelbrock carburettor, ensuring an addictive surge of power and a spine-tingling roar.

To effectively manage this immense power, we’ve equipped the Clubsport Kit with a G-Force straight-cut, non-synchro six-speed transmission, Tilton twin disc clutch, and a self-locking Jaguar ZF multidisc rear differential. This potent drivetrain ensures seamless gear changes and unwavering traction, propelling the Clubsport Kit to exhilarating speeds with unwavering precision.

Braking is handled by AP Racing 330x28mm vented brake discs on all four corners, with eight-piston (front) and six-piston (rear) calipers. This formidable braking system delivers exceptional stopping power, allowing you to confidently tackle even the most demanding corners.

The Clubsport Kit’s exterior is adorned with two-piece hand-laid glass fibre composite bodywork, which seamlessly blends classic Cobra styling with modern aerodynamic enhancements. This lightweight bodywork, along with our choice of staggered 18″ (front) and 19″ (rear) 2Forge ZF1 lightweight alloy wheels, gives the Clubsport Kit a menacing stance.

The XCS Cobra Clubsport Kit redefines the limits of Cobra replica engineering. This exceptional package elevates the Cobra experience to new heights, transforming it into a track-ready masterpiece that will ignite your passion for driving.


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