At the heart of the XCS 427 is an immensely stiff, light-weight, round-tube chassis that proved to be so aesthetically pleasing that it was decided to feature it as a further visual identifier within the car. But there's certainly a lot more to a chassis than its appearance. The chassis design also sets the parameters for virtually every other aspect of the vehicle from quality perception and interior space to safety and performance. Manufactured from high-strength, low-carbon, cold-drawn seamless steel tube to spec ROPT510 (Motorsport UK and FIA approved CDS), the chassis of the XCS 427 is comprehensively triangulated throughout and provides the ideal ultra-rigid operating platform for the car’s patented front & rear CC&AR suspension systems. 

Our box section chassis - ladder frame chassis constructed from 10swg, 3″x2″ steel box with extensive cross bracing. Additional stiffness provided by three dimension front and rear sections. And our patented camber compensation front suspension and De Dion rear axle. (The only manufacture in the world with camber compensation suspension).


The patented Camber Compensation & Anti-Roll suspension system is used at both front and rear on the round tube chassis for greater grip, reduced roll and a supple ride. And new for the XCS, is the introduction of a purpose-designed CNC billet aluminium upright to provide the ultimate no-compromise CC&AR geometry.


Bilstein, performance lightweight gas-filled coil-overs, fully adjustable for ride height and bump / rebound.


• Bespoke, XCS heavy-duty steering rack (2.2 turns lock-to-lock).

• Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) with driver's control for steering-effort adjustment.


ZF Multidisk self-locking differential unit.


• Ø330 x 28mm vented discs at both front & rear with XCS 8-pot calipers (front) and XCS 6-pot calipers(rear)

• Electric handbrake mechanism.

• Adjustable Tilton balance-bar pedal box for precise allocation of front/rear braking effort and optimum braking performance with maximum driver comfort. 


The normal choice of engine for an XCS 427 would be one of the all-aluminium Chevrolet LS units but the chassis will also accept a wide range of other V8 power units, including Ford and Chevrolet big blocks.


Rubber-mounted, high-efficiency aluminium radiator.


T56 Magnum 6 speed gear box, Tilton 2 Piece Billet Clutch Kit, & Billet Clutch Slave Cylinder