The 427

Exclusive and satisfying re-imagining of the timeless AC Cobra

The XCS 427 is a thoroughly modern machine, engineered and manufactured to order by artisans intent on improving Carroll Shelby’s irresistible combination of British-built chassis and American V8 muscle.

Created with the blessing of John Tojeiro, designer of the original AC Ace, and ex-Ford chassis engineer Peter Walker, the 427 represents the culmination of generations of experience in bespoke sports car creation. And while phenomenal performance and svelte aesthetics are a given, the application of Walker’s innovative cross-coupled suspension design endows it with exceptional dynamic capabilities.

The 427 is a truly credible sports car for discerning enthusiasts. Most of its major components are handmade so that every aspect can be configured to suit the customer. Yet no matter the direction in which this takes the specification, the 427 always marries old-fashioned charm with the latest engineering technologies to deliver a standout machine.