The Dieci

The lightweight Seven-style concept – turned up to ten

The Dieci advances Colin Chapman’s iconic concept into a radical machine that is lower, wider and altogether more dynamic than any rival. Dieci is Italian for ‘ten’ and cheekily implies that among a market full of Sevens, this one is a ten.

The Dieci exists to carve the perfect line on road or track. It is engineered to accommodate almost any motor vehicle powertrain, placing the centre of gravity and polar moment of inertia at the driver’s hip for the most intuitive and communicative feedback. Plus the application of our patented cross-coupled suspension design endows the model with class-leading handling and compliance, allowing it to smother B-road undulations that might unsettle more stiffly sprung rivals.

Its built-to-order nature allows every aspect of the Dieci to be configured to suit the individual buyer. Yet no matter the precise direction in which this takes the specification, it remains the ultimate antidote to modern motoring, capturing the raw excitement of driving in one adrenaline-fuelled package.